New Year, New Posts

Friends, 2012 was a HUGE year for me (Joel), and before I knew it, the year had gone by, and only 4 new posts were made to A Church Unbound! For any of you who have been wondering what happened, allow me to briefly recap:

In January, I was accepted to Northwestern University to earn a PhD in Religious Studies. As more responses from other schools came back, it became clear that Northwestern was going to be the place for me. In May, I announced my departure to the church I served for three years while at Fuller Seminary. This summer was packed with full time youth ministry, preparing for my wedding (married August 4), and moving to Chicago. My wife and I left Pasadena on September 1 and have been in Chicago now since September 8.

Between all of that and beginning the program at Northwestern, I’ve been hard pressed to find time to post things here! This blog never been meant to be anything more than a resource for people to stumble upon and hopefully find useful in some way for engaging meaningfully in conversations about the future of the church and faith. I have some ideas in the works for the blog, and 2013 will hopefully prove to be more productive in the way of continuing to provide those resources!


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