Who We Are

We are people who want to see distinct and radical change not only in the way church is done but in the way we think about and experience our faith.

Joel Harrison

Joel is a former English teacher and aspiring scholar. He earned an MA in English in 2009 from the University of Northern Colorado and an MA in Theology at Fuller Theological Seminary in 2012. Currently, he is a Ph.D student in Religious Studies at Northwestern University studying the confluence of Protestant eschatology, Jewish messianism, and Marxist utopia centered around the idea of the Kingdom of God from the turn of the 20th century to the 1930s. He started A Church Unbound to contribute to a conversation among scholars, clergy, and laity about the future of the church.

Tad Delay

Tad is an aspiring theologian and provocateur who has recently finished his MA in theology at Fuller Theological Seminary and is currently at work on his Ph.D in Philosophy of Religion at Claremont Graduate University. His interests include Continental philosophy, psychology, psychoanalytic theory, political theory, and religious anthropology. He is also a musician, and his writing, music, and art can be found at taddelay.com


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